(Mostly) white screen after login.

Downloaded and installed 12 without any issues. Got logged in, and I only have the very top bar across my screen. All of the screenshots I see have the File / Edit / View etc. bar across the top. Am I missing something? I've never actually used Aras before. I set up the sample database and pointed Aras at it without change. I can get the 'quick access', for lack of a better term, bar to open and can navigate through those categories but it just seems like something is missing overall.

Is there a initial configuration guide of any sort?

  • Hi there, Gking,

    By default, there is no set starting page for Aras Innovator 12.0, so all a User will see after logging in is the navigation bar at the top.  The user is meant to then open the Table of Contents (red button on the top left) and open new tabs that will fill in the rest of the screen space.

    The starting page can be defined per User; from the Table of Contents, navigate to Administration > Users and open and edit the specific user. In the tab, there's a drop down menu titled 'Starting Page' with a number of options. Save the changes and the starting page should be available on the next login.

    Hope this helps,


  • Just because it fits this topic so well: One alternative option would also be to pin the TOC by default:


  • Hey, I did see the side nav panel and pinned it but anytime I see a video of Aras 12 online, including one that shows the initial install and first login, there is an additional top nav that contains dropdowns such as "File," "Edit," "View," etc. Is that not supposed to show up at all times?

  • Hey Gking, it sounds like you might be referencing videos or documents from the 11.0 release.  Could you provide a link to one of the videos you referenced so I can confirm that?  With the release of 12.0, there was a UI overhaul which moved the functionality of the File/Edit/View/etc. drop downs into the individual Item tab or search grid.