How to pin TOC by default in Innovator 12?

Hi community,

When users login to Innovator 12 the first time, they only get a huge white welcome page with deactivated TOC. This is confusing, as people may think Innovator is not working. I remember my first steps with Innovator 12. I was literally waiting 3 minutes cause I assumed Innovator is still loading. I even assumed the installation went wrong and checked the browser debugger for potential error messages. I needed an eternity until I finally accidentally clicked on the main navigation button in the top left corner to get the TOC.

I want to avoid that my users face the same frustrating experience. Is it possible to pin the TOC by default? I have discovered that the ItemType Core_GlobalLayout contains the property core_toc_pinned. This one is used to store the preference for the pinned TOC. I changed the default value of this property from 0 to 1, but this customization is not enough to pin the TOC by default. The preferences are set when users log out, so we cannot use the default value in the ItemType for this purpose.

There are some codetree files that reference to this property. I assume one of them also sets the "real" default value for the property. Does anybody know where I can do this customization?

Many thanks!