Quality Management System module


We installed the Aras Quality Management System module and we have some questions:

  1. Concerning the Process Quality Document, how can we display ONLY the Process FMEA (skip the selection between the three options : Process Control Plan, Process Flow Diagram and Process FMEA)?

  2. How can we modify (add or delete) the columns of the Process FMEA?

  3. Is the module a core module of Aras Innovator or does it come from the Lab?

Thank you in advance for your answer, best regards,


  • Hi AlBer,

    The Quality Management System (QMS) is a standard Aras application. It does not come from Labs. Additionally, QMS is built off of the Content Modeling Framework which is also available OOTB in Aras Innovator. You can check out this blog post for an introduction to the CMF data model. 

    To answer your other questions, you can accomplish both of those use cases by editing the Process Quality Document CMF items. To find these items...

    1. Login as admin
    2. Navigate to TOC > Administration > Content Modeling > Content Types
    3. Search for and open the Process Quality Document content type

    To display only the Process FMEA...

    1. In the panel on the right, expand Views
    2. Right-click on each view you want to remove and click Remove View
      1. Note that this will permanently delete these views so you will not be able to use them in the future

    To add columns...

    1. In the panel on the right, expand Views > Process FMEA > Columns
    2. Right-click where you want the new column to be inserted and click Add Column
      1. You may need to add additional properties under Elements that can be mapped to this new column
      2. Both adding columns and adding properties are covered in more detail in the blog post linked above


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer