Customize login panel


On the login panel, I would like to add a button or a link to an external form to request an account.

Something like this:

Is it possible to do that in ARAS R12 SP8 ?

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi Mirkas!

    the answer is yes and no! The start page cannot be modified cause it´s generated on run time and the code is not accessible. Aras does not give us the possibility to modify this page. But you can manipulate the start page during form load:

    Take a look at the comments of this blog article:

  • Hi Angelalp,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I can see in the blog article that you find a solution but you said that "I don´t want to share my current solution in public right now, cause I want Aras to provide a better solution.".

    Could you share your solution with me in private ?

    For your information, I tried to add a button into the SVG opening a specific html page but this doesn't work because the SVG is added in the page through a:
    style="background-image: url("">fr0-viaas-101/.../arasInnovator.svg");"

    Thank you in advance.

  • I share the solution to community members that can explain credibly that they solely want to use it for their own Innovator instance and don´t sell it to other customers.

    I don't want to support community members who steal ideas from the forum for their own businesses without ever contributing anything.

    @Miraks: As I see that you actively help people in this forum, you have a good change :-)

  • Hi,

    I like your "GPL" like spirit. 
    I'm from AIRBUS, and I develop an application used internally. This application won't be sell outside (we are selling planes, not applications).
    I would like to have a "request account" button on the login panel to allow new users to request for an account.

    I'm trying to participate in this forum as best I can.
    But, I participate more in the improvement of ARAS by making direct requests to ARAS support by email. I don't know if this is a good idea to share those requests in this forum. What do you think ?

  • Oh that´s excellent! Just tell Aras that Airbus supports ALL my support request, ideas and other remarks that I ever made!

    You got an inmail.

    If anyone else is interested in this solution, just let me know. I'm very excited to encourage everyone to support my requests! :-)

  • I would be interested in this, as well.  We're hoping to link to an external help document in our environment.  Thanks!

  • Hi Wesley,

    So far I only know the solution to "inject" the custom elements on runtime. 

    I assume you are an subscriber. Have you asked Aras about this one? This one is a feature that it requested very often. And if more people ask it´s more likely we get a standard solution.

    I wonder if the latest Aras version already contain some kind of ootb option.

  • Yes, we're a subscriber.  I asked support about this, but they said they don't have any official solution, and don't have any examples.

    I have seen examples where a whole custom login page is used, then they just pass the auth to Innovator.  But, this is a bit more complex of a solution than I was hoping for.

    Oh well, we'll just have to do without it for now.  Aras Support did put in an IR, so maybe one day.