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Hi Everyone,

In the coming weeks we're going to be testing some new ways to combat spam on these pages. We're going to be adding some automated systems to hopefully catch more of the spam. This could have some unintended consequences, but the good should outweigh the bad.

One way we're hoping to combat spam is by making new users have a window where they can't post without being approved. We'll try and stay on top of the moderation queue, but be aware that your post might not be displayed immediately for new accounts.

Please use this discussion to let us know of any new issues which arise because of the changes.



  • Hello everyone,

    Just a brief update. We've got our automation set up and it looks like it's working. We've removed the window where new users needed approval, since a very common pattern is for someone to make an account right when they need help, try to post, and get frustrated that they can't. If spam starts spiking again we can put that right back, but for now we'll see if the automatic systems can let humans post faster.

    If the automation brings its own problems, let us know. For now, sit back and enjoy the (fairly boring admittedly) spectacle of spam robots being fought off by moderation robots.



  • Hi Skyler,

    seems that the forum right now faces a new quality of spam. There are many posts that look like real ones, but most of the time they are just some kind of generic placeholders for links to b*s* websites. 

    I know this one is tricky to solve, but has Aras some ideas already? If the accounts of these spammers are created by bots, a hidden field / captcha could work. Spam bots normally will fill out all fields during a registration process. If the field is hidden for regular users, you could differentiate real from fake accounts.

    Some ironic bot even spammed my smartass collection of anti-spam hints:

  • Hi Angela,

    We've enabled an email verification step as we believe the bots were not using legitimate emails for sign-up. We'll see how this affects the issue and take extra steps if necessary.


  • Excellent! Never give up the fight!Boxing glove

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