How to handle spam protecton in community areas

Preventing spam is an important but also challenging task in maintaining quality in an online community.
Spam can be frustrating for community administratos, but also for the average community user.
You might already use some basic spam protection services, like a recaptcha or similar. But it's also important to check the content of your users' posts.
Of course you honor freedom of speech and censorship conflicts with your personal attitude. So what options do you have?

Your system may provide you a workflow that helps to prevent inappropriate content from being shown in the community. 
If you notice, that certain users repeatedly submit inappropriate content, abuse detection by counting forbidden keywords would maybe a good place to start.
Some systems may call this feature "Forbidden Word Counts".
There is a possibility that your system may provide this and other helpful features in Administration > Moderation > Abuse Automation.

  • Of course fighting Spam is a constant battle.

    "Post Thorttling by Authenticated User Posting Frequency" may also be an interesting feature. It may take some time to finetune all the available settings. In certain scenarious, also the use of Akismet may be an option, but this tool requires additional things to consider so the other options should be tried first.

  • Some may also write a custom spam filter with the IAbuseDetector plugin type. 

  • Well, fighting Spam is never easy. When you made good experience with Akismet in your previous Wordpress-Forum, why not use it again?

    Administration > Moderation > Abuse Automation > Akismet

  • Hello p,

    Yes, I'm agree with you, Now a days in Aras community we are facing lots of spam post issues.

    I hope Aras community will take action on same asap.



  • The problem is, that they high-likely already tried all my smartass answers themselves long before, but spammers constantly improve themselves just too fast.

    But of course that´s no reason to stop now:

    The spam content itself changed a couple of times already. Filtering according to forbidden word count don´t work for the current type of spam, which is mainly based on non-latin characters and doesn´t contain obvious forbidden words. 

    If there would be an general regex filter for non-latin characters, they would have tried already.
    I am not sure if the forbidden word-counts filter support non-latin characters. Worth trying would be:
    微信 --> would filter for 'WeChat'?
    文凭 --> would filter 'diploma'?
    大 -> just because it´s so common

    IP ban probably don´t work, cause it would affect a lot of innocent regular users. Disallow registration of noisy user names probably only would have temporary effect e.g. (akfgi14939).

    Same for reducing post frequency. What´s the right barrier? 1 minute, 5 minutes? It´s hard to use without restricting regular users too much.

  • If I have a question regarding Innovator, I write something into the forum or ask support.

    I am pretty sure the provider of the forum engine has also a friendly online community and a support team that is looking forward to help!

  • also agreed with @angelalp  that spam issue raise day by day it would be taking seriously 

  • After about one year of abstinence in visiting this community, just by chance I found my bookmark and thought:

    Lets have a look what has changed. My first click went to the community forum and guess with what I has welcomed with?

    Pages and pages of spam with chinese/asian (non-latin) characters!

    Just as it was when I quited following this forums because of the this spam issue seemingly was not addressed at all.

    One year, and nothing has changed, this is a bit of a shame!

    So long, members. I guess I just can wait another year with my next click to see if/what has changed... 

  • Hi ohuber01,

    don´t run away! I think it´s getting better now!

    And let´s be honest. What is common for PLM users? We are capable of suffering! It only took Aras 10 years to fix the refresh button in Innovator, so one year for fixing spam is really fast! :)

    Until then, we do what we always do in the PLM world. We try to get along with things. 

    But jokes aside, Aras right now really address this topic. Spam today is not an easy task. Don´t underrate the amount of work required to keep anything that you host online tidy. 

    Let´s hope the best!