Captured to Embedding videos wiki page

Embedding videos

Videos for repurposing are available here:

most of these are found on blog posts, hosted on youtube.

You can use the same method for JW player videos.

  1. Obtain the video embed code.
    For repurposed youtube videos 
    1. Open the page on which the video is embedded
    2. Right-click the video and select Copy video URL.

For JW player

        1. Log into JW player and open the video you want to embed
        2. Click EMBED.
        3. Clear the check mark from the Include SEO check box.
        4. Copy the text from the Javascript tab of the Embed Code panel
        5. Use a text editor to remove all except the url (whats beteween the quote marks) from the copied text. The url is all you need in the following steps.
      • In the editor click Insert > Image/Video/File like you would for any graphic.
      • Paste the url, specify the dimensions if needed and click ok.
        The editor will recognize the source and adjust the viewer to match.


      for reference, the syntax in the source code is as follows:

      1. Example for video hosted on youtube:
        syntax youtube embed

      i cant seem to paste the text into the editor, it just loads the video. To copy it, go to the source code of this post:

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