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Getting images into a wiki page 

It seems best to save an image file and upload it vs copy and paste. 

Pasting into the editor appears to create “resized files” and restricts you to the pre-determined sizes, ignores or gets funky if you try to specify the size.  

By uploading a file you can also specify the size you need.

A trick for getting images from the source files:

  1. Make a copy of the original word or ppt file.
  2. Change docx or ppt extension to zip
  3. Extract the zip
  4. In the extracted folders, navigate to the Media folder to access individual image files 

PPT graphics give you the original screen captures, without callouts, and appear to be better quality 

Uploading graphics

It appears you have more control over images if you specify a size when uploading. If you accept the default sizes, its hard to change after the fact.

  1. From the wiki editor select Insert > image/video/file.
  2. Click upload.
  3. Find the file. If necessary, hover over the file to see the dimensions, then select it to upload it.
  4. In the Insert image window, enter a size just under the actual size of the image. If its full size, it appears you cant click to see the full version.

Feel free to add any techniques that are working for you.

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