• Tech Tip: Add Keyboard Shortcuts through CUI

    We've previously covered how you can utilize CUI to add custom buttons to toolbars. However, you can also take advantage of CUI to add keyboard shortcuts for more advanced users. In this blog post, we will cover how to add a shortcut to select all…

  • How to export basic CUI configurations?

    I have the following question:

    I would like to export some basic modifications of the CUI (User Interface). For Example I would like to hide some Buttons or add some separators for the different toolbars and menues.

    After finishing my modifications on…

  • How can I pass additional event parameters in CUI elements?

    Hi community,

    does anybody know, if it´s possible to pass additional event parameters in CUI elements?

    I have three CUI menu buttons that do a more or less comparable job. The corresponding Methods just differ in a few lines of code. So…

  • Working with Menus and CUI

    The Configurable User Interface is the next step forward in low code, highly customizable processes for your organization. When you want to get something done, often the first place you go to is a menu. When you’ve added something new yourself, you want…

  • Tech Tip: Disable a Menu Button Using CUI

    In previous blogs posts, we've learned how to add a new button to our menus as well as add new keyboard shortcuts. Both of these lessons are great when we want to allow our users to perform new kinds of actions, but how do we prevent our users from…

  • Save Custom Form Data on CUI Save Button Click

    How do we extend the CUI save button click event. I need to save data in a relationship custom form. I tried using the below function
    aras.registerEventHandler('ItemSave', window, saveFunction);
    However, the "saveFunction" is triggered even…
  • Call same client Method from different locations (Action, CUI , Form button)

    Hi, I wonder what´s the best way to call the same Client Methods from a different locations. The item that triggers the Method needs different handling based on the event used as trigger. A standard ItemType "Action" Method may work like this: …
  • Custom CUI items in relationships - do I add them in the Parent or Child ItemType?

    Hi community,

    Innovator 12 offers us the new wonderful possibility to use custom CUI elements in relationships. Let´s assume we want to add a custom button to the Part_BOM relationship tab.

    I know that I have to modify 'Client Style' in the…

  • ゼロからの Aras Innovator ~CUIを利用した画面のカスタマイズ方法のご紹介(前編)~


    みなさま、こんにちは!アラスジャパン トレーナーの時田です。

    今回・次回と2回にわたり、CUI(Configurable User Interface)を利用した画面のカスタマイズ方法をご紹介していきます。


    1. CUIとは
    2. CUIのデータモデル
      • プレゼンテーションコンフィグレーション
      • ウィンドウセクション
      • コントロール
      • コマンドバーセクション
      • コマンドバーアイテム
    3. CUIを利用した設定例
      • ツ…
  • RE: Customized toolbar buttons

    Hi Alexis, The UI of the relationship grid has not yet been migrated into CUI, so you won't be able to easily add toolbar buttons to the relationship grid. It is possible to add ItemType-specific UI elements through CUI to the item window, however.…