Federated Property for Enhancing Email Messages

The following two packages utilize a federated property of an ItemType to enhance what can be put into an email message. In both projects the hidden federated property is populated with data from one of the relationships.
The first project utilized an Item Comments thread to be included in an Email. The second project however adds details of an ECR or ECN affected items into the email message trigger by Activities.
It is sometimes necessary to have an Item that has a relationship to a comment thread. This comment thread allows users to add comments to an item regarding changes, instructions, or other information. However since these comments are part of relationship they can not be populated as part of the Email Message.
These email messages can be triggered as notifications of Workflows, on Life Cycle Promotions or even from within method code.
The following package which can be imported populates a federated property on the Parent Item with the comments from the relationship. Then when the item is promoted the Comments are sent as part of the email.
The second projects main goal is to add more details about the affected Item into the email message. The document outlines how to use a server method to populate a Federate property on either the ECR or ECN item type. This federated property will include the Affected items owned_by_id identity, the affected item Type, and a link to the Affected Item.
Please note an email Address must be associated with Innovator Admin for testing.

Author: Aras Corporation Support

Organization: Aras Corporation

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