Aras CM2 Community Project

The Aras CM2 Community Project package adds to and modifies the base PLM application to provide 4 Star Certified CM2 capabilities:

  • ECR and ECN relabeled to CR and CN, with updated forms and several new relationships per the CM2 standard
  • New Identities for Change Leader, Change Implementation Leader, and Audit Release Analyst used revised permissions for the change items and change controlled items
  • The CR can be used as a combined CR/CN for fast-track changes if desired
  • New CM2 CR and CM2 CN workflow maps per the CM2 standard
  • The Affected Item relationships are labelled Impact Matrix can be used to specify the Planned Release and Effective dates for change affected items
  • The CR and CN can link to a detailed implementation plan (Aras Project)
  • New CM2 IR "Investigation Request" itemtype and workflow
  • Parts are relabeled as Physical Items and Documents are relabeled as Datasets
  • Document to Document and Document to Child Document relationships are available to specify reference documents and sub-documents respectively
  • A new Document Part relationship allows Parts classified as Tools to be specified on a document (generally used for Process Plan documents/datasets)
  • Baseline reports for Physical Items (Parts) of D&P, ILS, Facility, IS, and Enterprise classifications providing the As-Planned/As-Released Baseline for a given date
  • Support for Physical Item Model classifications, supporting serial number assignment
  • Planning Bill report for a specified effective date, showing the BOM for that date plus changes for a given Physical Item
  • CM2 Order Bill itemtype to define the BOM for a specified part and effective date on an order, generated through a “Derive Order Bill” action to derive the order bill from the effective planning bill for that part
  • Work Authorization with action to derive Work Authorization BOM
  • Combined CR/CN capability on CR form and workflow map
  • ECR Impact Matrix - a simplified version of the Express ECO Impact Matrix
  • ECR to ECN conversion action

Other contributors:

Mike Gavlak, Aras Corporation

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