Office 365 Aras Workflow Approval compatibility

Hi there, I'm looking to implement the Aras Workflow Approval add-on in our Office 365 Outlook environment. The add-on states it's compatible with Outlook 2013 SP1+, so does that mean it'll be compatible with Office 365 as well? Currently I'm having trouble installing it, which is either due to compatibility issues or company policies and I'm trying to figure out which of the two it is.
  • I also tried to use this project it in the past, but our company policies restricted the access to the office store. Our IT finally made test of the feature in Outlook 2013, but it completly crashed Outlook... As far as I know, the add-on also doesn´t support active directory yet. The project itself is definitely a very good use case, I would be happy to use it. But I think it needs some updates.