Camera Integration

Has anyone developed a solution for an app or a hook from a picture / camera program into a thumbnail field on Aras? So someone would just snap the picture and it would populate a field in an item, as opposed to going through Windows Explorer to add a picture.
  • Hi, I've worked on that a few years ago, but I don't have the sources . I don't think there is a community project yet. Simply using HTML5 and javascript (and the IOM.js the Aras API) you can allow a user on the phone to take a picture and attach it to a PR for example. you would have such tag to allow taking a picture from a mobile: <input accept="image/*" type="file" />   You can do a specific client website using jQuery Mobile : Or much better you can build a native app using Xamarin on visual studio. We plan to publish a sample app soon on the ArasLabs git hub ( here is another example of a mobile interface made by a Partner :  
  • Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into those solutions