How can I use aras innovator 12 in an offline environment?

I encounted an error  when I loged in aras as admin first time.

A window Poped up (there was no title on the window but 'service error'  message  was in html header tag).

Freme lisence key

Innovator server name

Innovator servar locale

Server MAC adress

DB server name

DB engine edition 

In the pop-up window 

I guess aras need to activate lisence via web(internet) at first time or preiodically

Is there an altanative for lisence activation in offline environment ? 

  • Hi iGacky,

    I tried logging into a locally installed instance of Innovator without an internet connection. I was able to see the same window with the same information, but after I closed it, I was able to access the instance as normal. Is this your first time attempting to log into the server? It could be like you said, and that the first login requires some sort of validation, but I'm unsure. 

    When you ran the installer were you connected to the internet? I believe some validation of the framework license happens during the installation process, so potentially if you didn't do it there you could run into issues down the line.