Relationships and Reports

Good day all.  I am going through our Aras trying to understand what is going on with it.  We inherited this from another contract.  The previous caretakers created their own ItemTypes and didn't use any of the default ones.  We are trying to run a BOM report on parts, but are getting errors with it.  I have been looking at the Part ItemType & the s_Part ItemType (what is being used) to identify the differences and try to get things to work.  Here is where I am at.

The custom s_Part is using a "Parts List" instead of the BOM that the Part uses.  One of the differences I have noticed between these is that the BOM is a relationship back to Part & the Parts List is a null relationship.

When I run the custom BOM Quantity report, I receive a parts list with how many of each component is required.  If I run it from too high of a level (example:  Antenna Group) I receive an error that indicates that I do not have permissions.  The next lower assembly (Antenna Array) will work. 

The custom Multilevel BOM reports cause the system to crash.

I was reading through the article for creating Queries, but it doesn't work for our setup.  I think this is do to the null relationship. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.