rror: Cannot access OAuth Server due to 502 (Bad Gateway)

Hi all

I'm trying to fresh install Innovator to try remedy other errors with the previous install. I keep getting this error "Error: Cannot access OAuth Server due to 502 (Bad Gateway)" even after installing the prerequisites for Innovator 12. I also get an error with chrome saying that it failed the minimum browser check, even though I have chrome 79

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Duncan

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  • I am getting the same problem as the OP. Originally it was the 500 Error, however after installing the correct version of ASP.NET Runtime Core (Hosting) it then changed to the 502 Error.

    I believe I have installed the correct versions of all the relevant software;

    It is a new install on a Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2017 machine, which I realise is outside the normal specs.

    Any ideas on how to debug this further, or anything else to try?