Initial DB package


I was wondering if it is possible to have/download a package regrouping the overall standard/first configuration of Aras Innovator ? In other words, a package regrouping all the initial ItemTypes, Relationships, Methods, Presentation Configurations, ...


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  • Hi AlBer,

    If you're a subscriber who has downloaded the CD image, there are a few .bak files within the CD image. The CoreAndSolutions120.bak is a database backup of a base configuration of Aras Innovator. This means that only default applications are installed, and no data has been created. This is the easiest way to achieve what I believe you're looking for.

    If you're not a subscriber, I'd recommend installing a new instance of innovator, and taking a backup of that database as soon as it's created. This will essentially provide you with an identical database as the procedure above.


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your answer, I will try what you recommend.