Considering Community version and not subscription

Would like to get some feedback from the community about using Aras as a "free-loader"? With ARAS 12 out now, what can you tell me about the cummunity release? Is everything that was avaliable in v11 pulled forward to the community release?

My focus is on 

  • Parts / BOMS / Variant Configuration management
  • Simple PDF document management
  • Change Management / Out of the Box

I understand the value if subscription for sure and all the rest of the applications that comes along with Aras but I have other apps for CAD management, ECAD, Software, project mgmt, etc.  Really looking for a enterprise level common system for 1000's of users and keep it as simple as possible.


Thank you!

  • Hi grape1207,

    Yes, every out-of-the-box feature that was available in v11 is also available in v12. Additionally, Aras Innovator 12.0 introduced some new features such as an improved UI and the ability to use effectivity inside of the standard Part BOM.

    From my experience, it's very rare that there is any removal of functionality in newer versions of Aras Innovator, and the few times there has been it is typically to address security concerns or new browser standards.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hello,

    But as a freeloader you won't get the service pack, meaning the update.

    This is the only default of the free version of Aras.

    Best Regards,

    Sacha Bertschi