Overall bug on Innovator


Since this weekend, when I try to open any item, the following error message appears :

And it's not finish !

It looks like all the methods have crashed ...

Can you help me ?

Thank you,

Al Ber

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  • You may be able to find a clean InnovatorSolutions database in your install folder under /DB/CoreAndSolutions120.bak. This backup will not contain any of your data or customizations, but it will contain all of the default ItemTypes, Methods, etc. as if you had just installed Aras Innovator. You might be able to restore that backup with a new name, export all of the standard packages from that database, and try to import them into your existing database to reset all of the standard items. 

    If you continue to see issues, you can try doing the opposite to restore that backup with a new name and then move all of your customizations and data from your existing database into that clean database. Doing this, there will not be an simpler way of packaging your customizations than selecting each item you have added and running the action to add it to a package.

  • Okay,

    Thank you very much for your answer !

    Best regards