What can I do with the License Manager?

Hi Community,

does anybody know any further information regarding the license manager?

It´s the tool you can find at Innovator 11 Main page -> Tools -> Admin -> Licenses -> License Manager

I have a couple of question regarding the license manager:

1. The licenses Manger displays fields, that are not part of the User ItemType, like 'Last Activity'. Where is this kind of data stored? Is it possible to access the data to use it for own queries (how long do people stay in the system...)

2. The list seems to collect the logged in users within one day. What happens if the license pool is full? Normally the number of licenses is limited by the number of activated users. But I have noticed that some accounts appear 2 times in the list. 

3. And what does the X columns do? Will it throw out logged on users?

4. What is the purpose of the 'comments' column?

5. I also noticed, that licenses tab is empty for some users. What could be the reason for this one?

Would be happy if somebody could share a few background information to the License Manager! Maybe this tool is just for information purpose. But perhaps there are a few background features that could be of interest. Many thanks!