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Hi guys I have successfully created my first project now I want to test that my lifecycle works. so can someone  please help me with the email notifications so that i can  test email when the user goes through the different lifecycle stages.  I have looked at the email notificastion in the programmers guide but i cant really get my head around so can someone please help me.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate the help. Thank you.

Kind regard  


  • I'm still trying to do this myself. There's a post from 2011 with a nice test-email breakdown, but I'm certain these steps do not correlate to v12.

    While I did look at "Just Ask Innovator" I'm not finding how to test this. I wll post if I find a solution - specifically if I find a way to make the instructions here: for v12.

  • From my POV this article is also very helpful when it comes to email notifications:

  • I did look at that. Didn't help me. I don't know how to trigger the test method. The write up on testing email is done, I believe, for v11.

  • Hi Neil,

    sending emails from Innovator normally works very reliable. I didn´t notice any difference in Innovator 11 and 12. I would be the first person to complain about it if it wouldn´t work.

    But it´s right now not clear what you currently want to do. Do you want to use Email Message Item from a lifecycle? Or do you want to send an email via Method (you mention a test method)? Do you have a Email server or do you use the temporary folder for testing? There are many details when it comes to emails :-)

  • Hello and thanks for your response. I'll try to lay out my mission. Disclaimer: Long time full stack developer, very little time in PLM world. And, now I won't be attending the 04.20.20 sessions in Andover because of Corona... So, I'm self and community learning here.

    We've a need to support some very impaired eyes in the whole scheme of things - a great firmware guy that happens to need to use screen readers.
    So, to make navigating around Innovator a bit more useful, yes, I believe this has something to do with emailing a pointer to an "Item from lifecycle", as you mention. So, the end goal is to send an email with direct reference to parts and planning to make communicating and finding items easier.

    But, I generally like to work in steps with PoC/Spikes along the way.

    All I want to do is reliably send an email from my local v12, especially, using internal SMTP credentials (proven to work in other apps, NodeRED, and PostMan) to, say, the Product Manager that is considering this as a feature to add - especially in support of accessibility efforts, which I dig.

    Perhaps my lack of knowledge around all things PLM - terms and processes, is a point of confusion. But again, I'm simply looking for a PoC by sending a first email. That's it. I found one write-up that seems to be v11, which I'm not allowed to play in. Method or whatever. I just want to say, "Hello World" in an email, even to myself.

    Thanks for any advice or clarity!


  • Hi Neil,

    yes corona is somehow crashing everything right now. But at least emailing from Innovator should work:

    1. Do you have added your SMTP link to the InnovatorServerConfig.xml in the codetree?

    2. You can send emails from the LifeCycle which may look like this:

    In this variant you don´t need to code your email. The email content is represented by an E-Mail message item in Administration --> Notification.

    2. You can also directly send emails via a C# Method. A working sample is shown in this community project:

    You can directly test this Method in the Method editor.

  • I tried option 2 because it seemed the simplest, but at step 4 there seems to be assumed setup of some item or something, so that is not clear to me. 4, 5, and the text after. I did everything, but stumped on 4. I made a new ItemType, added the "Action" as instructed to this new item type... I don't even know what the last bit means.

  • How do you "...directly test this Method in the Method editor"?

  • Option 1: I've "admin" user with a good email, I've put the associated SMTP server address in the config (replacing a queue value for Mail SMTPServer).

    The "admin" user has an Identity "Innovator Admin" (there is no "Portal Admin" as in the screenshots you so kindly provided).

    I'm looking for LifeCycle and Email Configuration...

    sidenote: Chrome doesn't work with this after v80 update. I'm using FF today.

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