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Hi guys I have successfully created my first project now I want to test that my lifecycle works. so can someone  please help me with the email notifications so that i can  test email when the user goes through the different lifecycle stages.  I have looked at the email notificastion in the programmers guide but i cant really get my head around so can someone please help me.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate the help. Thank you.

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  • Have you seen the 

    I think AskInnovator can help you with this topic. Just search for a page called 'Configuring Email'.

    You can add Email-Messages to LifeCycles quite easily. Just open your LifeCycle, select a State and click "Configure E-Mail". You can link E-Mail Message Items which you can finde in TOC -> Notification -> E-Mail Message. In your LifeCycle you first have to add your Email-Message Item and then you can add the person who shall receive the email.