Update part after an ECR / ECN release


I was wondering if there is a way to automatically update a part after an ECR or an ECN has been released ? How to explain the change we want within an ECR or an ECN ?

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  • Hello,

    I am not sure I follow, an ECN will update a part when released without an additional step. Do you want to add comments explaining what the change was? 

  • I released an ECN but the part hasn't automatically changed.

    Is it possible or do we have to manually change the part ?

  • You can definitely change the part manually, assuming you have the permissions. Under "Actions" when you open a part you will find a variety of alternatives and properties you  can change.

    However, I don't encourage it because it defeats the purpose of the ECN and the process you established to add these changes, and it seems your real issue is different. I would try to address why the ECN did not affect the part. The first thing that comes to mind is some loophole of the part lifecycle, or the ECN was not setup properly. Regardless of the reason, you should look into that.

    What did you try to achieve with the ECN? Here we release ECNs a dozen times a day and I am yet to see this behaviour, and I am unable to replicate it.

  • I forgot to mention, can you open the part and check Views->History to see what happened to the ECN? 

  • Thank you for your answers Slight smile

    For instance, when I choose "Delete" as an action, the part isn't deleted when the ECN is released.

  • Hello,

    I see. We do not really delete parts using ECNs (I am not even sure that is even possible to be honest). The only few delete I do, has been manual actions because I am testing some functionality, and I only do so in a test environment (not in the database used for production). Whenever we constantly change part states to be "obsolete". I will run a quick test today with an ECN set to delete a part and let you know when I get a chance

  • Okay, thank you !

    The same problem happens if I want to automatically change the property of a part (for example : change the cost of a part through the release of an ECN)

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