First-time login: Invalid object name 'LOCALE'.

We have tried to install ARAS Innovator 12.0 on a PC a few times over the last couple of days and have hit various different errors when trying to login.

This time, I decided to delete the InnovatorSolutions DB that was created by the first install and have the install process recreate it.  Now, when trying to log in with admin/innovator for the first time, I get the error "Invalid object name 'LOCALE'."

How can I troubleshoot this?  Is there any additional information I should post?


  • Same problem, but different setup. I wanted a 12 and 11 both on the same machine. I had it all working, but I had 12 installed all with defaults and then 11 with tacked-on "11"s everywhere. When writing a guide I decided it should approach at the least different versions on the same system. So, I uninstalled both versions, deleted the associated DBs, and re-installed where both used settings that included the version number (folder locations, paths, vault folder, etc. - db users, everything). I can log into 12 right away w/o issue. 11 shows this error when attempting to log in... I've not found my answer in this thread, but will comment when I do.

  • Hey Neil, 

    Kind of same thing on my end.  I had to bring in a colleague that had more experience with server database management, he did a very thorough manual deleting of old database traces, and then I was able to get a working new install.  It is frustrating that ARAS does not remove these traces in its included uninstall, and I still don't know what really went wrong on the first once, nor do I know what specific part of the old installs were causing the issue.

    All I can say to people reading this from Google is - do a very thorough removal of old databases through a SQL server manager.  This seemed to work for me.

  • Thank you for sharing this. Seems we found a solution! :)

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