First-time login: Invalid object name 'LOCALE'.

We have tried to install ARAS Innovator 12.0 on a PC a few times over the last couple of days and have hit various different errors when trying to login.

This time, I decided to delete the InnovatorSolutions DB that was created by the first install and have the install process recreate it.  Now, when trying to log in with admin/innovator for the first time, I get the error "Invalid object name 'LOCALE'."

How can I troubleshoot this?  Is there any additional information I should post?


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  • Use the MS SQL Management Studio to see if there is a table under your db, "innovator.LOCALE".

    PATH: Databases > YOUR_DB_NAME (default InnovatorSolutions) > Tables:

    Mine were not there so I had to meticulously remove users from previous install attempts, also using MSSMS, throughout the DB, and reinstall.

    Of course, this is way late. Just hoping to help the next person stuck here...