How to use Variables 'Logon allowed to' and 'Relationship Access Control'?

Hi Community,

does anyone know the purpose of these two Variables?
- Logon allowed to
- Relationship Access Control

You can find them in TOC->Administration->Variables

The Logon allowed to Variable seems to be intended for update purposes. I expected that only Admins are able to login when I change this one to Administrators. But nothing happened after I changed this Variable. Non-admins were able to login just the same way as before.

The Relationship Access Control Variable sound like it is related to the new MAC and DAC features. But I didn´t find any hint how to use this one.

Any ideas? Thanks for any input!


  • Hi Angela,

    It looks like these might be variables included for legacy purposes. I couldn't find anywhere in core code that referenced the Relationship Access Control variable, and the Logon allowed to variable seemed to only be referenced in an obsolete function of the Import and Export tools. If I had to guess, it was likely used to control access from external applications at one point.


  • Hi Chris,

    thanks for checking! Then I will ignore it :).