Installation - Create new Database


I have installed MSSQL Express 2017. During the installation of Aras I can't connect to the to the database. How must I configure the database in advance or have I missed something else? Is there a document available to solve my problem?

Best regagrds


  • Hi Josef,

    Could you let us know what the exact error you're getting is? That'll help us figure out if this is something we've seen before.

    In terms of a document, the Installation Guide does contain a number of troubleshooting tips as well as a section on how the users in SQL Server need to be configured. You can find that document as well as the other guides here. If you're using a different version than 12.0, you can find the appropriate documentation for your version by selecting it in the version dropdown menu.

    As a final note, the Aras Innovator installer typically handles all of the SQL Server configuration setup automatically. However, I've recently helped in another forum post with someone who did not have Admin privileges on their machine. This caused the installer to miss some of the SQL configuration. Could you check that you have Admin access on your machine?


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer