Question related to the official FAQ: open source community solutions being upgraded while part of subscription


In the FAQ, we can read this:

What if we have downloaded a bunch of the Aras open source community solutions and they are running in our production environment? Will they get upgraded as well?

Yes , because your entire production system database including customizations and community solutions openly available from the Aras web site are getting upgraded. Now, if you have exterior programs running like integrations or custom HTML pages somewhere that hook into your Aras system, those will need to be handled separately of course. We're obviously not offering to take over your whole company's IT duties. Just a huge portion as they relate to Aras.

So if I understood correctly:

If I put two instance of Aras Innovator, one with subscription with 100 users, and a second one with 200 users on the community version, will the community version be upgraded for free as well as part of the subscription?

Best Regards,

Sacha Bertschi

  • Hi Sacha,

    I believe this is referring to our Community Projects. These are open source additions/modifications which Aras will put out from time to time. This answer is stating that we will ensure any customization you've added to your production instance will still work in the upgraded environment.

    In the scenario you provided, Aras would only perform an upgrade on the instance with a subscription.


  • Hi Sacha,

    One remark from another subscriber: Aras can not prevent us from viewing the updated code and "comparing" it to the second instance.

    Before this answer leaves a wrong impression. Despite my test systems, I do not have even have a second Aras instance yet! I have done this kind of comparison in the past to update my own and even Aras projects on Github. 

    The Aras Update team labels everything they change with an upgrade comment tag in the code. I am very grateful that they are doing it. This is useful if you want to check which code has been changed by the update. Especially when the new Aras version introduces a new style of coding (e.g. for Lists), this will help you to learn about it.