Can't log in

After installing Aras I have got a login screen with the error shown in the enclosed screen grab. I have tried admin as user and Innovator as password and the database log-in, but without success. Can anybody provide help.


  • Hi Josef,

    I have a couple ideas of what this could be.

    Could you check to see if the InnovatorSolutions database exists in your SQL Server instance? You should be able to check this by connecting via the SQL Server Management Studio and looking under Databases in the sidebar.

    My second idea is that this could be a problem with the framework license that was entered during the installation or with the MAC address that the framework license was created against.  Did you request a license by manually going to our license request page and typing in your MAC address, or did you follow the link to this page during the installation? From my personal experience, I've run into trouble of manually entering in the wrong MAC address when requesting a license, so it's recommended that you follow the link in the installer to automatically populate this field. 


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer