Error message not clear


I try to run a simple item life cycle but when I create a new item, the following message appears :

Can I have more information about this error message ?

Thank you !

  • More precisely, I created an ItemType, a Workflow, a Lifecycle and connected all together. When trying to save a new Item, the error message appears. I tried to follow the documentation as well as looking the structure of the pre-installed examples.

  • Found the problem !

  • Hi Alber,

    Could you let us know what the problem was?

    Based on your description, it sounds like there might have been an event or promotion triggering on the Start state of the Life Cycle. When you create an item through the client and hit save, the item is created but is still locked by you. In addition, this initial creation also launches the Life Cycle and runs anything that is configured on the Start State. If this includes a promotion or another edit, it would run into an issue because the item is still locked from the initial save.

    Does this sound like the problem you were running into? 


  • Within my life cycle, no workflow was triggered on the first state so the item was "blocked" in a state.

    Thank you for your answer.