Ambiguous Error/Missing columns

I recently configured a few databases today in addition to the canned innovator solutions db.  Throughout the process I needed to delete a database and reconfigure the exact database with a user id change.  I deleted the wrong database, then deleted the correct one.  After attempting to reconfigure the required db's, setting the tag in the config file, and attempting to login I get the following error:

Cannot find either column "protected" or the user-defined function or aggregate "protected.getProtectionToken", or the name is ambiguous.

It is my hope that Mr Gills doesn't tell me to read the book, although I would certainly be appreciative.


Thanks for reading.

  • Like magic I was able to get into the DB's without re-configuring aras.  Do not know what the issue was.  Perhaps the server took off early for the weekend, who knows.

  • Hi Rob,

    I don't think this one is covered in our documents. :) 

    If I had to take a guess based on the description of the problem and the sudden resolution, I'd say this was probably a caching issue. When you were configuring the new databases, was one of them restored with the same name as a database that was previously deleted?


  • The method we have found best for adding and deleting databases is to:

    Run Installer>select add database and all its features>Configure database via aras Installer>cancel installation of aras>Edit config tag with appropriate information: ie, copy and paste most of the connection tag with the credentials being different. Log in.

    My Actions:  At first I assumed I needed a different users for each different db in aras, so I started with innovator1, innovator2 ect as a user.  I didn't not make it to innovator2, I found this to be a needless step.  So I deleted the database I built with innovator1, rebuilt the database via aras MSI naming it the exact same database, which as I type I realize the cache explanation make a ton of sense.  Anyway after naming the two databases I deleted the exact name as they were before, setting the tag in the config file and attempting to login prompted that error.

    Mr. Gillis, as always I am very grateful.  I hope I was clear and helpful. 

  • Happy to help Rob. :)

    As a note, it sounds like you might benefit from checking out our blog post on managing databases. The last section, How to restore a database from a backup, goes over the steps we use internally to set up multiple databases. After the database is restored using those steps, you'd just need to add a tag to the config file like you already do, and you should be able to log into the database.

    I'm mentioning this method of restoring databases only because I've found it's faster than the method you're currently using. This method would likely also run into the caching issue when restoring a database with the same name. 


  • Hi Chris,

    I got exactly the same problem but with a completely new installation. I just cannot login, but no idea how to solve it.

    VaultServer / OAuth seem to work properly, LoginPage is loading but no login possible.

    Thanks for you help.


  • Hi Lennart,

    Could you try restarting both IIS and SQL Server?


  • Hi Chris, thanks for the quick reply. It does not help unfortunately.

    I was not able to create the DB with the standard "public" SQL permission so I have granted dbcreator and sysadmin .. After that, the InnovatorDatabase could be created, but a login is not possible..

    Do I have to change anything in server roles or specific DB rules (user mapping) ?



  • Hi Lennart,

    You can try looking at the configuration suggested in my response to this blog post. This configuration of the SQL Server users should happen automatically when you create a new database through the installer though, so I'm unsure of why you're running into this issue. 

    When you installed this version of Aras Innovator, did you select Create a new database on the last screen of the installer?


  • Hi Chris,

    I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled it, executing the same steps again (I had to grant manual "dbcreator" permissions for innovator and innovator_regular to create the DB).

    After finishing the installation like this, I am now able to login. Weird, but works, I hope it continues working.

    Thanks anyway & best Regards


  • Sounds like a permissions issue.  Maybe the install was done with a profile that isn't admin.  I know when my organization yanks my permissions from the server I generally have all kinds of issues managing aras.

    Im glad this post has been useful.  Thanks to all that replied and especially Mr. Gillis.