How to redirect the server root to innovator server path

Just  for completeness for new users

In your inetpub wwwroot directory you'll find files such as iisstart.htm.

Create a new file called default.htm in the wwwroot directory

Copy paste the below into it and adjust to the URL of innovator server

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- HTML meta refresh URL redirection -->
<meta http-equiv="refresh"
content="0; url=https://<yourserver>/innovatorserver">
<p>The page has moved to:
<a href="https://<yourserver>/innovatorserver">ARAS Innovator</a></p>

accessing https://<yourserver> will be redirected to https://<yourserver>/innovatorserver making it easier for users and shortcut roll out.

  • Hey that´s a nice trick! Thanks for sharing! You are propably the first person that posts something in this forum without having additional questions! 

    That makes me a little thoughtful.

    Somehow I miss a "tiny little tricks" area in the community. We have the projects area which complex solutions. But nothing for the daily little helpful stuff. These kind of tips doesn´t require a complete github respository to manage them. But they will highlikely get lost in the forum. It would be cool, if certain proven forum solutions could be collected by Aras in an extra section.

    There is many useful stuff in this forum, but sometimes the title doesn´t indicate that there is something really useful in the content!