Error Invalid redirect_uri

Hi, I installed Innovator12 in Windows 7, I followed the custom installation process and installation is done but when i try to accces through Chrome(Version 75),

1.When I open page
Error: Invalid redirect_uri.

2.When I open page
Error: HTTP error 401.0 - Unauthorized

What can I do to resolve this issue.Invalid redirect_uri

  • Hi YoungGo,

    Could you please take a look at your OauthServer/Oauth.config file? Towards the bottom of that file is a list of redirectUris. Could you check to make sure that the value between your ip address and /client/ is InnovatorServer, like you have specified above? The error seems to indicate that somehow the redirectUris were misconfigured.


  • Hi AJ,

    Thank your reply. Please see the attached file and screenshot

    I check My OauthServer/Oauth.config file


    <redirectUri value="iomapp://token/"></redirectUri>

    I didn't see the URL(http://localhost/InnovatorServer/client) on Oauth.config.

    When I input http://localhost/InnovatorServer/client on chrome browser,it  just like the screenshot shown below.


  • I had the same problem. This section of the OAuth.config file had all the URLs. If I entered one, for example "http : //localhost/PPU/Client", in the Browser, it worked. So I just added the yellow marked lines with the URL I needed, and now I don't get that error anymore.

    I hope this helps.