Missing "related_id" when defining a File Container

Hi All,

I have followed the steps in the Student Guide: Configuring Solutions 11.pdf .to configure a File Container (page 324 Configuring Option 1: Define a Relationship for the container and a file item) and I 'm stuck in  the last part:

Modifying the Relationship ItemType
When the File Relationship ItemType is created the related_id property is hidden by default. In order for the user to access the File Item from the relationship grid the Hidden2 option must be unchecked on the property.

However, when I check the container item properties there is no "related_id" property . As a coInsequence when I upload a file to a vault I cannot access it from the relationship grid (Related File column is missing).

Moreover, I checked the pre-configured "Document" itemType properties, it has no "related_id"  property as well butin this case I'm able to access the uploaded file.

How to fix this?

Aras 11 SP 9

IE 11.0.23

Windows 7 Premium Family edition