Open AND Subscribed?

I have done a ton of research about Aras and love what I see. To be honest I will probably be trying to get the software running in my company.

I actually really need the subscriber version for somewhere between 30-70 people. But, I am having a few issues with some of the business plan when trying to convince my company to upgrade to the subscriber version. We have about 800 total users and only need, at the highest estimate, 200 subscriber level accounts. Is there a way to have subscribers and non-subscribers on the same server?

  • Hi,

    Aras counts the amount of enabled Users in the Users table. (ootb accounts like admins don´t count).

    Aras allows the same account to be used by more than 1 person at the same time. But of course, you normally want to have personalized accounts to be able to track your data and chances.

    One possible approach is to mix personalized and general accounts. E.g. you have 50 accounts directly assigned to users (with active directory or manual logon) and 10 accounts that are generic and that are just used for reading or specific general tasks.

    You can also outsource some tasks to other system that have access to the innovator db. This way you do not need Aras accounts for certain task. E.g. if users just need some reports. Typically is also the share of documents via Sharepoint.