ARAS in Apple MAC


I came to know that ARAS will work in Apple MAC but wanted to know whether it will support developing new methods and features in MAC. If yes, what is the minimum requirements to install ARAS in apple MAC.

  • Hi, 

    There are 2 things:

    1) Using Aras with MAC

    2) Running Aras in server

    • Aras is using IIS to run. And IIS runs on Windows servers (or Windows installation in general).
    • And as far as I know (not a MAC guru) IIS is not supporting MAC
      • You might be able to utilize some virtualization platforms to run windows on MAC (VirtualBox?)
      • Or there might be some other projects regarding running Windows/IIS on MAC.
    • But Generally - out of the box, you cannot run (Aras server with IIS + MS SQL) in MAC. It needs Windows.

    About developing - If your Aras is running on some server and you utilize the browser in MAC - then it's possible to develop Aras - Aras uses a lot of 'internal' methods and there is 'internal' method editor (used in a browser) where you can write those methods (with javascript and C#).

    Hopefully this makes this issue a little bit clearer.