Restoration of the system of aras

I am working with an environment of aras, where I have all my developments, but I need to change the physical equipment of the server.

I am looking for documentation of how to migrate all the system that I have, and I found that I should basically support the .bak file, the innovator folder that is installed by default and the vault, but, I can not eoncry anything that explains how to restore these files to me. new server

Can someone support me or explain what steps should I follow to restore these elements to my new server?

  • Hi Eduardo,

    You're correct that those are the three parts you'll need to successfully transfer your environment. The database holds all of your customization within innovator, your code tree has any changes you may have made to the server/client, and the vault holds all the files you had within Innovator. 

    What I'd recommend is installing a clean version of innovator to your new server machine. Once it is active, you can restore your .bak file to SQL server and point your instance to that database within the Innovatorserverconfig.xml file. 

    The code tree (innovator folder) can be copied over the default code tree, and any changes will overwrite the default. Be careful with the files at the locations /innovator/client/innovator.xml and /innovator/server/innovator.xml, as they have instance specific information. 

    The vault can also be copied. Since you've copied over your database, your files still exist within your environment, and therefore the folder structure of the vault will be the same. The default location for the vault is C:/aras/vault/SERVERNAME.

    It is worth noting that you will have to reconfigure things like the conversion server and enterprise search, as their configurations are not part of the code tree or the database backup. If you've added custom connectors or DLLs to the conversion server, copying over your conversion server folder might be useful, however make sure to modify this file  ./ConversionServer/ConversionServer.xml, as it also contains instance specific information.


  • Thank you very much AJ Sebastian
    already do what you told me and even restore the users of the databases (for the type of installation I do not leave the default users and create "innovator1" and "innovator_regular1") and I throw the following error
    will you know why it happens?