Enterprise Search problem: Unable to connect

Hi all, I'm quite new to Aras - installing it second time and this time around I'm installing it to the 2 servers so that the Enterprise search services are located in a another server. Briefly my configuration: App server:

  • IIS with Aras Innovator
  • SQL Express

Searchserver: Solr, ES Agent & services Services:

  • ES Agent
  • ES File Processor
  • Indexer
  • ES Zookeeper

I was trying to follow the installation guide. And everything seems quite ok:

  • Aras basic functions are working properly
  • Solr is answering nicely: from Search server http://localhost:8983/solr/
  • In Aras I can see ES Agent Crawlers (from toc/Enterprice search)
    • ESFileCrawler, ESItemCrawler, ESPermissionCrawler, ESQueueCrawler, ESSolrCleanerCrawler
    • And ESPermissionCrawler has processed some items
  • Aras ES Agent 11.0, Aras ES File Processon 11.0, Aras ES Index 11.0, Aras ES ZooKeeper 11.0 Services are running in a 'search' server.

So for me this looks like Aras and the search can communicate with each others. Servers should be in same network and powershell/Test-NetConnection tests gives positive results. BUT When I go to Aras TOC/My Innovator/Search/search form and click 'Run search' I'm getting: "Unable to connect to the remote server". Any help on this? How could I try to pinpoint the problem? How does the 'search' information is sent to the Solr? Can I make the search somehow from the searchserver directly (to check search is giving results back / rule in/out the network issues)? Any other tips to check functionalities of the Enterprise Search? Br, Jukka.  


  • Hi there,

    I've seen this issue a few times, and it's typically a problem with the Solr instance on the server. Could you try to connect directly to the instance to see if you can access the dashboard? The default URL is: http://YOUR_SERVER_NAME:8983/solr. If you're prompted for credentials, you should type in the credentials of the Collection Admin specified during the installation.

    If Solr is running correctly, you should see a dashboard like the screenshot below.

    If you don't see this dashboard, you can try opening the services on the server and manually restarting the Aras ES Index. After restarting this index, try connecting to your Solr server again using the same URL. If you can connect after restarting this service, please try to run a search in Innovator to see if the error is resolved.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer