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Discover Unique Features of 9Anime and Other Anime Apps for Android

9Anime has been a very popular name with those who favor Japanese anime. In the article today, we would like to give you detailed information about this amazing movie app and also suggest some apps that are similar to 9Anime for you to consider. Do not hesitate to check them out!
About 9Anime
General information
9Anime is a site providing you with the latest anime content as well as being the most flooded anime application online. From the first look on its website, you will find the huge anime collection is very conveniently arranged.
This app allows users to watch the best anime movies including top Manga movies and more, alongside the best anime songs for all top anime, and also the best anime wallpapers.
9Anime claims to have all the content of high quality which is always available online. Moreover, its interface includes categories which are, in any case, more substantial than on any other anime site.
This great anime app also offers you a lot ranging from the newest episodes, latest episodes and seasons as well as trending seasons.
With 9Anime, you can:
Watch the best anime movies of all time: In anime movies, you can watch top anime movies in HD and also share your favorite and best anime movies with friends.
Listen to the best anime songs: With 9Anime, you will find a collection of top anime songs.
Download anime movie wallpapers: In anime movies, you will find also the best anime wallpapers that you can download, save, share and set as your best Anime wallpapers.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended and the content in this app is supposed to be public. 
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Main features:
Free (Open Source)
All of the needed filters
High-quality movies
Many server options
Easy and fast
Every anime with its title and category as well with its date release
Watch anime trailers and teasers.
An anime box of great anime lists.
No registration
Best Alternatives of 9Anime
GoGoAnime is a very good app that can replace 9Anime, allowing you to do your anime streaming. Also, its beautiful interface does allow you to connect with the community through comments as well as compliments. As it offers you a huge library, you can easily look for your favorite episodes with its big collection of anime and manga.
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KissAnime is another alternative to 9Anime and it has offered you high-quality content for a longer period of time. This app is popular in almost every corner of the world. 
It serves the same content all over the world. It may not have a massive library but it surely has a bunch of fresh content to offer. Each Manga and anime content created in Japan or at the global level is available on this site for you to choose from.
The main advantage is its cool interface. You will not get into a mess while searching as you do on other sites. is another suggestion which let users watch high definition anime films for free without having to pay any fees.  It owns a really cool and easy to use interface which contains all of the needed filters. This site always contains a huge library of high resolutions quality videos and movies.
To find favorite movies, you can search by years, genres or quality to match your requirement. is completely free or even a user do not need any registration. All you need to do is just visit the site, find your desired movies and start watching.
Crunchyroll is one of the top apps for all the anime related content that is similar to 9Anime. With the rich content ranging from mangas to magazine, Crunchyroll is a great solution for all your anime need.
With a database of around twenty-five thousand episodes, the user can easily enjoy 15 thousand hours of official and licensed content. It also has a very smart tracking technology allowing users to search for what they like quickly and more conveniently.
The next one that is like 9Anime is Funimation. It offers you a very impressive collection of the latest anime series and also features length films. Funimation includes many hard-to-find titles and offers a fast-turn around English language dub.
With Funimation, you can easily watch the subbed version for free. If you want to watch the dubbed version, you might need to subscribe to the premium version. Also, this anime site provides you with the best legal anime streaming.
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Animestreams is a website with an intuitive design and easy-to-navigate content. The first advantage of this site is that it does not contain any bothering advertisements or flying banners. From Animestreams, you can easily watch English dubbed and subbed anime.
More especially, you do not need to pay as membership fees to use the anime’s streaming service but just visit the site and start watching from a wide of anime movie or TV shows. Animestreams is really an awesome anime streaming site where there are lots of useful filters to find.
Free: You can enjoy a variety of movies without any registration fees
Interface: an easy to use and visual design
Secure: No virus
Animelab is also a good choice for you with a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Animelab owns a huge collection of anime films and TV shows episodes. The way to use this site is also very simple like other ones. Just go the website and enjoy what you like to watch by yourself!
Highlight features
Free to use
Easy to use and secure
Available for all operating systems including Android
User-friendly interface
Anime-planet is a powerful anime site that allows you to watch over 40,000 anime videos from across without any registration or any fees.
It is one of the most trustworthy and secured sites to stream anime online. With Anime-planet, users can find reviews and the most popular anime characters, manga films and reviews.  This site makes a separate space for the Japanese manga films with some useful filter options to help users to find their desired videos.
Features of Anime-planet:
No need to pay for streaming
Anime-planet does not contain any harmful virus or malware
All of the videos of the site are legal
Huge database with over 40000 films
Nice and user-friendly interface
In conclusion, 9Anime is a great app for fans of anime. From our analysis above, we can see its amazing features to discover. There is no reason to download 9Anime from our store to enjoy all of your desired anime and movies in your leisure time. You also can find out the suggested similar apps from Apk store. Have fun!