Creating a SharePoint Library Definition Failure

I am attempting to create a SharePoint Library Definition.  When I click the 'Create a New Item' button on the SharePoint Library Definition page I am immediately taken to the data entry for the definition, however, before I can do any data entry I immediately get the following error.

Internal Error: event handler failed.

Under Show details the following is provided.

Technical Message: Event handler failed with message: Unable to set property 'disabled' of undefined or null reference

Stack Trace: Client Side Error

I click 'OK' and try to complete the data entry, but I am unable to populate the 'SharePoint User', 'SharePoint User Password' and 'SharePoint User Domain' after selecting fields because the are disabled.  I am using 'Windows Authentication Only' and have tried to access the page from IE 11, Edge and Firefox, each with identical results.

This appears to be a problem with the user interface rather than the SharePoint definition itself since I am never able to even populate the fields necessary to make the connection.