I am newbie in Aras so maybe I am missing something here. I am using the PE_GetSelectedItems  method to call an action one time on multi select of my grid items. I am able to acheive this on my main grid . However I am facing an error when it come to the relation ship grid. The action method gets called again and again for each Item selected. Please help. Note : I am facing this issue only in chrome. It is working fine in IE.
  • Hello, I looked in our internal tracking system and was able to find this issue you're reporting. There was a fix attached to the issue that you can try to apply in your environment to resolve this issue in Chrome. Please add the following section of code around line 48 of the PE_GetSelectedItems method.
    else if ((isRelationship) && parent && parent.frames["relationships"] && (parent.frames.length > 0))
    for (var i = 0; i < parent.frames.length; i++) {
    var relshipsFrame = parent.frames[i];
    if (relshipsFrame) {
    grid = relshipsFrame.grid;
    if (grid && grid.getSelectedItemIds(",") && grid.getSelectedItemIds(",").length > 0) {
    idArray = grid.getSelectedItemIds(",").split(",");
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Hi Christopher , Thanks for your help :)