Evaluating Aras

I have installed Aras and demo database.  Anytime I do a search I get a Window that talks about subscribers getting Enterprise search and there is no way to dismiss it.  If I click on it it takes me to Aras.com.  I thought this was free to try?  What am I missing?  I read through the docs and am stuck.  Is there some simple guide to use this?  I am a very experienced PLM techie (I worked at SDRC/Metaphase years ago, am WIndchill certified, etc etc) but am stumped.  I am sure I just missed something.  Is it possible to run Aras for free in my company with no support?  What am I missing....
  • Hi dmackenzie, It sounds like you may be using the Enterprise Search box for running your search, rather than running a search in the main grid for an ItemType (category in the table of contents). Enterprise Search is a subscriber feature that searches across all configured ItemTypes. As a free/open user, you are able to search for your data using the search bar that appears at the top of the main grid. Search vs. Enterprise Search The Aras demo videos on the Aras website and Aras YouTube channel are a couple resources that may help you see Aras Innovator navigation and search in action. Here's one on Product Engineering, an application that comes included in Innovator out of the box. Hope this helps! Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Lead Engineer
  • Eli, Thank you.  The more you know.   David MacKenzie