Starting from scratch

Hello, even after reading all available documents related to getting started, I am not able to figure it out, how a Team of engineers with rights can be set up to be able to work on the same projects. I am wondering if someone is able to provide a guideline. Unfortunately, ARAS Innovator 11.0 is not self-explained. Or I have not yet understood it. Thanks for HELP   Best regards Andreas
  • AJ, thanks for your advises. I have now figured it out, how to give rights to the users. Is the Assigned Creator information the parameter which controlles the visibility of a part? I need to set it for each part when creating it.   Andreas  
  • AJ, When creating a part, the Designated User field must be filled out to make the part useable for the team members. Is there any way to define a standard? Otherwise it must be filled out every time when creating a part or any other objects.