CAD revision management

I've just gotten started evaluating Aras Innovator as a PDM solution. I have been able to work out most of the functionalities we need it for, which is mainly related to keeping track of our CAD documentation. However, there are two things that get in the way, one of them being how to open assemblies from Innovator (it seems I need to open the individual parts separately to have them appear in the assembly) and the other being how CAD document revisions are handled. Let's say I have an CAD assembly named "Assembly 1" which consists of "Component 1" and "Component 2". They all start out as revision A. At some point I make a minor adjustment to "Component 2", bringing it to revision B. The change is small enough that I see no reason to revise the assembly. However, I want the structure for the Innovator CAD document for "Assembly 1" to reflect this update so that it now points to "Component 1 revision A" and "Component 2 revision B". I want to avoid having to revise the entire product structure for minor changes to components used. I tried changing the Life cycle maps for CAD, Part and Document to set the released behaviour to float and thought this would make the assembly point to the new revision. That changed nothing though. A workaround would be to step in as an administrator and update the CAD document structure to replace superseded revisions but I'd much rather have it automated to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
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