No download button/command?

I just noticed in the documents 'container' there is no download button or command from right click menu... am I missing something here? If default action related to Files is to open them, users need to open and save them individually, or attempt to if they have the related software installed?
  • Hello, By clicking on the blue file icon next to the file's name in the Files relationship tab, you can launch a dialog that allows you to download the file directly. You can also create a custom action on either the File or Document ItemType to allow users to download an attached file directly from the right-click menu. For an example, you can look at the Download Multiple Files┬áCommunity Project which allows users to download all of the files attached to a document in a .zip file. If you're just trying to download one file, this project will contain a lot of extra code, but it will give you an example of how to use javascript to download a file to a user's machine. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer