Item Type Permission according to Teams

Hello! We use SP9. I need to assign permission of PART Item Type according to TEAMS. I saw below explanation in the Forum (it is for 9.3 version) but I can't add a Team or Team Member to a New Part permission. Any recommendation? thanks
  1. Edit the form of the ItemTypes you want to use Teams, and add the team_id unused property
  2. Edit the Permission of the ItemType, to include one or several of the four new Identities
  3. Build Teams, adding Team Members to them
  • Hello Duygu, As you stated in your list, instead of setting Teams on the permission model, you must add the corresponding Team role Identities to the Part permissions. Once you assign a team to a team_id for a new part, the team's permissions will be determined by the role in which they were assigned. Andrew