Add items to new ItemType

Ok, I've created a new ItemType, how do I actually add items to it? Can create forms, views, blah blah blah, wheres the bloody data entry? Who invented this garbage?
  • Hello bdc604, I would be happy to help you if you are still having this problem. In order to be able to create an item of a specific ItemType, you must set the TOC Access and Can Add relationships on the ItemType. The TOC Access relationship decides who can see the item type in their table of contents, and it decides where in the table of contents the ItemType will reside. You must also set which users or groups can actually create the item by adding their identities to the Can Add relationship. Once you have completed these two things, the ItemType should appear for you in your table of contents. When you want to actually create an item, select the ItemType in the table of contents and click the create button in the toolbar. Andrew