"Multiple Errors: DoPhysicalFiles - Access to the path is denied. " when deleting files. What permission shall I use?

Hi community,

I want to delete some orphaned files in the File Vault. We don´t use the "delete automatically" variable. I am able to discover the affected files in the file vault.

But when I try to delete one orphaned file manually in the File ItemType I get the following error message:

Multiple Errors: DoPhysicalFiles - Access to the path is denied. -

I assume I have add an additional permission to the Vault-folder structure in the File vault. But which one shall I use?

I remember I added one additional permission in the past on my old MS Server 2012. But I didn´t use the setting on my new 2022 instance. I assume I used "IIS_USRS" or similar in the past. But I never knew if this was the "correct" permission to use.

Does anyone know the "official" solution for this one? 

Thanks and best regards!


  • Some update. I compared the used folder permission of orphaned and non-orphaned files and discovered something strange.

    All regular files that are still in use contain permission for "Aras Vault AppPool .NET Core".

    But most (not all...) orphaned files doesn´t contain this permission anymore. Instead they contain a permission for a local user account. When I add the Vault AppPool permission manually, I am able to delete the file.

    Which setting can lead to this "change of permission"? I assume it´s an IIS setting, but I am not sure.