Owner Identity

Hi, I have two query:
  1. What is exactly owner identity means?
  2. How to add Identity/User to Owner Identity? because When I run "Create New Revision" Action on "Released" state of a Document Item(logged-in as a user who created the document), got this Error  "You must be a member of the Owner identity to perform this action." Is there any difference between the owner of the Item and Created By Item.
  Regards, Maddy.
  • Hi Maddy, The Owner identity refers to the Identity set in the owned_by_id property of the Document. Like the Creator identity, the Owner is a special system identity that allows for more dynamic permissions without needing to write any additional code. The primary difference between the owned_by_id and created_by_id properties is that the created_by_id property is automatically set by Innovator when an item is created and cannot be changed. The owned_by_id property on the other hand can be freely updated by users. You can set the Owner in the field labeled Assigned Creator on the Document form. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Thank you Chris for your reply. When I run "Create New Revision" action against the document it shows me an error. To solve this error I added a permission on "Released" state of the document. so, adding permission on "Released" state is good practice or not? Regards, Maddy.
  • Hi Maddy, Typically, we recommend following a Change Management process in order to both release and create new revisions of items like Parts, Documents, and CAD. You can see a demo of this functionality here. This is dependent on your business requirements, however. If you find that it makes sense to let users directly release documents like this, then it shouldn't cause any problems to edit the Released permission. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Yey! It is a great thing that somebody brought this topic up. I am actually confused about it as well. Well, it is a good thing that someone has already explained it. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this thread and finally know the difference between the two. Also, I just want to know why it has to be different from one another when it almost has the same function? Well, it is still a good thing that I already know the difference between the two. Thank you for clearly explaining this to me. I will definitely ask some questions soon haha