Jumping fields in Form editor. What is the root cause of this annoying glitch?

Hi community,

since 10 minutes I try to save a simple Form in the editor. And I can´t. Cause every time I click the save 2-3 fields are misaligned.

I have the following form which is pretty standard (except a few decoration elements, but these are the only elements that actually stick at their place...)

Jumping fields are a know issue in Form and LifeCycle editor. But normally you just need 1-2 additional attempts until you successfully save a form. As I don´t create Forms and LifeCycles very often, the glitch was some kind of tolerable. But right now I made around dozens attempts to save the above form. And just fail over and over again.

Does anyone know what causes this issue? Thanks!


  • Hi community,

    I so far haven´t put much effort into improving this one. But I determined the root cause while working on another project -> it´s JavaScript timing.

    Especially when you work with low internet speed (= me when working from home), the jumping fields glitch occurs. In the past I have seen the bug more often, as we had a less powerful server back than.

    When saving a Form, certain functions seem to be executed while other operations in the chain weren´t finished yet. This produced the jumping fields. The Form is updated, while the data in the DOM/server wasn´t updated yet. The form editor don´t call the necessary function with async/await, promises or at least some timeouts. 

    But: I wouldn´t recommend to spent too much on this one. There is a "responsive Form editor" mentioned in the roadmap. It´s targeted to Release 28.  I don´t expect it to work perfect in this version cause it´s a brand new feature, but hey - it´s something!

    If you are at ACE 2023 - Eli from Aras makes a demo about the new form editor. The new editor it´s probably intended for optimizing Forms for different screen sizes (desktop/mobile/...). But I hope it will result in an general more modern Form editor. Let´s hope they test the new stuff with low internet speed....